Pre-Owned Vehicles Curaçao

(as per 1 Jan, 2019)

Model YearBrandModelEngineKMColor DescriptionFinal Price
2008CADILLACCadillac CTS Aut.3.6 Gas70976SilverNAf 22,500
2011CHEVROLETCaptiva SS LTZ Aut.3.6 Gas99966BlackNAf 13,900
2011CHEVROLETCruze LT Aut. 1.8 Gas106404BeigeNAf 15,900
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS Aut.1.8 Gas35106Velvet Red MetallicNAf 19,700
2016CHEVROLETTrax LTZ Aut.1.8 Gas3999Luxo BlueNAf 35,500


Demo Vehicles Curaçao

(as per 1 Jan, 2019)

Model YearBrandModelEngineKMColor DescriptionFinal Price
2015HONDAACCORD EX-L Aut.2.4 Gas38765Champagne Frost NAf 44,500
2015SUZUKICiaz GLX Aut.1.4 Gas48530WhiteNAf 23,500
2016HONDACR-V LX 4X4 Aut.2.4 Gas4497Copper SunsetNAf 51,500
2016HONDACR-V LX 4X4 Aut.2.4 Gas12321Alabaster SilverNAf 47,500
2016HONDACR-V EX-L 4x4 Aut.2.4 Gas15929Modern steelNAf 50,500
2016SUZUKICiaz GLX Aut.1.4 Gas28212WhiteNAf 25,900
2017ISUZUDmax CCab LS 4x4 Aut.2.5 Dsl9771Titanium SilverNAf 48,500
2017ISUZUDmax CCab LS 4x4 Aut.2.5 Dsl10356Obsidian GrayNAf 46,800
2018CHEVROLETAveo NG LS Aut.1.5 Gas5235Blue SkyNAf 26,900
2018CHEVROLETCavalier LT Aut. 1.5 Gas7716Brown Met.NAf 32,900
2018CHEVROLETEquinox Premier Aut.1.5 Gas7961Steel Blue MetallicNAf 64,500
2018CHEVROLETTrax Premier Aut.1.8 Gas5750Dark GrayNAf 41,900
2018SUZUKIBaleno GLX Aut.1.4 Gas7356Glistening GreyNAf 33,900
2018SUZUKISwift GLX Aut.1.2 Gas14121Mineral GrayNAf 34,500
2018SUZUKISwift GLX Aut.1.2 Gas15011Speedy BlueNAf 34,500
2019SUZUKIVitara GL+ Aut.1.6 Gas2885Atturquo BlueNAf 44,200
2019SUZUKIVitara GLX 2WD Aut.1.6 Gas2394Red Body & Black RoofNAf 47,900
2018SUZUKIVitara GLX 4WD Aut.1.6 Gas10394Orange/BlackNAf 42,200


Demo Vehicles Bonaire

(as per 1 Jan, 2019)

Model YearBrandModelEngineKMColor DescriptionFinal Price
2013CHEVROLETSonic Sed LTZ Aut.1.6 Gas25350Cyber GrayUS$ 7,900
2015CHEVROLETTrax LTZ Aut.1.8 Gas2396Luxo BlueUS$ 12,500
2017CHEVROLETAveo Sed. LTZ Aut.1.6 Gas 3211Dark blueUS$ 10,900
2018ISUZUD-Max Single Cab Base Man.2.5 Dsl15000WitUS$ 14,600
2017ISUZUD-max Ccab LS 4x4 Aut.2.5 Dsl200Splash WhiteUS$ 28,500

*FINAL Curaçao prices are INcluding Sales Tax and are in NAf

*All Bonaire prices are INcluding Sales Tax, Transport, Tuff-coat and are in US$

*Demo car kilometer readings may differ. Please call us for the latest update.

Autocity B.V. is not responsible for published price and / or print errors in advertisements.

All units are offered to you subject to prior sale.

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